Our services help drive your success.

Designs2Learn offers a range of services to improve the quality and reach of learning across the continuum of educational experiences. Our consulting, design, development, and management services provide you with the partner you need to drive success.  

Services for K-12

The profession of teaching today is increasingly challenging. In many cases, technology can extend the capabilities of a teacher such that every child is receiving more of what he or she needs both in class and at home. Blended learning programs and the training to support the implementation in the schools is a key ingredient to success. We can help design, develop and manage programs that will enable teachers to do what they do best.

Services for Higher Education

The higher education market has experienced a surge in technology-enabled learning solutions, but oftentimes at a cost to those left to deliver these programs. We must continue to leverage the passion and skill of higher education faculty while at the same time extending learning to a broader audience and at reduced costs. Designs2Learn has the background and skill to work with you and your faculty to design revenue-generating programs to serve a larger audience.

Services in the Corporate Market

In the corporate workplace, learning has to be delivered just-in-time, in just the right volume, and tailored to the specific tasks each employee needs to perform. Designs2Learn has designed hundreds of hours of learning in a vast array of industries. We understand what it takes to support your success.